How to choose a machine translation engine on Smartcat

Smartcat has eight industry-leading translation engines that are used to instantly translations, whether that be for files, websites, software, designs, videos – anything you need translated can first be pre-translated with high accuracy.

The machine translation engines are:  

  • Google Statistical MT
  • Google Neural MT
  • Microsoft Translator - This includes statistical and neural engines depending on the language pair.
  • Yandex MT
  • Baidu Translate API
  • DeepL
  • Amazon Translate
  • ModernMT

Intelligent routing analyzes your text and selects the best translation engine for the specific language pair. 

When you translate a document or create a translation project, you can enable intelligent routing or select translation engine (available for Unite subscribers and higher). Watch the video or read through the steps as described below the video: 


  1. When translating a document: click on the Advanced settings when creating translation and select the desired Provider for machine translation in the window that opens. Press Apply now.

2. When creating a translation project: open the Linguistic assets list from your account homepage or from the projects Overview page, click on the gear icon in the machine translation section and adjust the settings in the window that opens. Press Save&Run.

3. It is possible to select a different engine for each language. By clicking Add option, you can add languages to a specific engine. 

Each engine supports a specific number of languages. So some MT engines may become unavailable if there is no coverage from these engines.

Backup machine translation engine

We also have a feature that greatly improves the pre-translation performance! If the default machine translation engine provides an empty or broken result, meaning there is a critical error show in the Smartcat Editor, the platform will automatically fall back to its second machine translation engine option, that being Google Neural Machine Translation (NMT). As such, you won't have to worry about errors (or rather, this will decrease significantly). 

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