Create a project step 1: Entering project data

Gain a better understanding of how to enter project data and improve your project planning skills

Starting a new translation project in Smartcat is quick and easy. In this article, learn how to start a new project correctly and optimally for workflow efficiency.

To begin a new translation task, click Create project on your homepage.

Next, fill in the details on the new window that opens, as shown below.  

4 best practices to ensure optimal Smartcat project creation

Follow these top tips to start your new translation project in the best possible way.

1. Complete all information
Ensure that the project name contains all the information needed to find it in your projects list.

2. Establish a deadline
Enter the project deadline to use it as a filter in future.

3. Indicate all your target languages
Select all the target languages you need for your project at once to avoid creating duplicate projects. 

4. Input client/department and subject
Then enter the client/department and subject information for easier filtering.

Once done, the next step is to select project workflow


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