How to post-edit AI translation in Smartcat Editor

Learn how to quickly improve the quality of any AI-translated content using Smartcat Editor.

Even with the best translator or translation technology, no translation is perfect. Smartcat Editor makes improving your translation quality really quick and easy. To edit your translation proceed as follows:

1. Open your translation in the Editor. 

2. Review the translation, sentence by sentence, and confirm the final version by either entering the Ctrl+Enter combination, hitting the Confirm button on the toolbar, or clicking the Confirm segment checkbox to the right*.

*Each time  you edit a segment, the same changes are applied to all identical segments across the file. The segment is also saved to the translation memory, so you won’t have to correct this particular segment ever again in the future.

3. Click Done in the upper right corner of the screen and go back to your list of translation packs, or download the translation right from the Editor. All confirmed segments are also saved in the translation memory, so you can reuse them when working on similar texts.

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