Save with Smartwords

Smartwords are words that are translated using Smartcat machine translation technology and translation memories, you can also think of them as of Smartcat currency. 

What do Smartwords do?

  • Each time you use automatic translation, our AI chooses the best translation engine for you so that you need as little post-editing as possible,
  • Each time you edit your translations on Smartcat the system remembers the changes thus growing your linguistic resources database, which means fewer words to order from a professional translator or editor.

Your Smartwords balance

  • Your Smartwords balance is always in plain view. Just go to the Smartwords usage tab and choose the time period to see how many Smartwords you spent day-by-day, which project they went to, and how many you have left.


  • Whenever you use machine translation and your translation memory, the number of translated words is deducted from your Smartwords balance.
  • Upon registration you get some Smartwords added to your balance for free – the amount of words which you can find on your subscription page. 
  • You can alsopurchase packages of 20K, 50K, and 100K Smartwords as an individual or 20K, 60K,  and 150K Smartwords.
  • Alternatively you can use Smartwords Flex to smoothly extetend your limit and pay when you like. 


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