Receiving your first payment with Smartcat

Learn how to get paid quickly and securely with Smartcat's automated invoicing and payments

This article will guide you through the entire payment process with Smartcat.

Smartcat provides several payout options that enable you to receive payments for your work done in or outside Smartcat.

As well as receiving payment for your Smartcat assignments, you can also receive payment if you don't work inside Smartcat but your client uses Smartcat as their payment medium.

Step 1: Your email invitation
It all starts with a notification delivered to your email. This usually means that your client has added you to their Smartcat team and is now ready to remit your payment.

Step 2: Click “Join” and follow the two registration steps
Choose a password and specify your country. Then read and accept our privacy policy and Terms of Use and click Log In.
You can complete the rest of the setup at a later time if you prefer. If your invitation has expired or you don't remember your password, click on password-free login with code.
Step 3: Funds transfer
As soon as Smartcat receives payment from your client, the paid amount gets credited to your Smartcat balance.We'll send you an email once this happens. 

To check your current balance and set up a payout option, go to My Payouts. You can do this directly in your notification email via a link.
You can then use your Smartcat account to receive payments from any client.

Step 4. Process payout
To proceed with your first payout, click My Profile.
Update your Personal Details to specify at least the country where you receive the money.
 Now click My payouts to select one of the available payment methods and enter your payment details. Your payment data is fully secure and safe with Smartcat. 

You can change your payout method at any time.

Enter your preferred payout method and provide the required information.
The available payout options differ depending on the country of residence that you selected on the profile page in Smartcat.
Learn more about payout methods available for your country

Mission accomplished! Your balance will now also reflect the amount to be paid. 

Once your preferred payout method is indicated, you will receive the money within 5 business days.

For future payment periods, you will simply receive an email notification upon being paid. No further action will be required from you as long as your preferred payout method is set.

Checking status
After receiving your payments, you can return to My Payouts > Payment statuses to check payment status and history.

Payments overview
Comprehensive details of the most recent payout, including the amount paid, the commission fee, the transaction ID, the payout method, and the payout date are shown in the Payout History tab. 


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