Why it is best to pay and communicate via Smartcat for clients and freelancers who meet through the Platform

Smartcat is way more than just a translation tool or a project management system. Thanks to its built-in functionality, Smartcat also helps you pay for the jobs done via the Platform.

As per Terms of Service for the Platform if client and freelancer met through the Platform, payment for the future jobs must be made exclusively via Smartcat.

It allows us to ensure user data security including payment information and gives both parties certain benefits:

  • Thanks to simple and convenient system, client can choose most appropriate payment method
  • Freelancer is guaranteed to receive their money via chosen method (even if the client did not transfer money on time!) and has access to their balance and payment history.

These benefits cannot be provided if the order is not placed and paid through Smartcat. Moreover,  external communication can compromise confidentiality of the transmitted information and you may fall victim to phishing, data theft, and other forms of fraud.

According to Smartcat Terms of Service Smartcat can partially deny access to Platform functionality for users who engage in transactions outside the Platform: freelancers may lose access to new orders and clients may lose access to finding and hiring vendors.

Do not share your bank card details or other details via chat or in any other way! Please, report any suspicious activity (for example, if you are approached to get paid outside Smartcat) by sending a screenshot to our support team.

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