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Smartcat Translator lets you connect your Smartcat account to Contentful so you can easily select content for translation, send it to Smartcat, and send the translations back upon completion.

1. Setting Up Smartcat Translator

1. Open this link, sign into Contentful and follow the instructions to install Smartcat Translator in a specific Contentful Space and Environment.

2. In Smartcat, go to the Manager’s view → Settings → API, and generate a new API key.


3. Paste the API key and Account ID (displayed on the same API page) into the corresponding fields in Smartcat Translator for Contentful and click Install.


2. Selecting content for translation

1. In Contentful, go to Content model, choose the content you want to localize (e.g. Blog Post), go to the Sidebar tab and click the "plus" button next to the Smartcat Translator tile. Repeat this step for every top-level content type that you want to translate*.

*Please note that Smartcat Translator works only with localizable fields, so don't forget to enable localization for all the fields that you want to translate.Translation process.


2. Choose an entry that has Smartcat Translator enabled. On the right, you will see the Smartcat Translator panel.


3. Choose an existing project or create a new one, and click Send to Smartcat.

4. To open your project, use the Open project in Smartcat link or open the individual files directly in the Smartcat editor by clicking Edit in Smartcat: German.


5. To send the translations back, click the Get translations from Smartcat button.

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