How can I delete my Smartcat account?

Learn how to safely and permanently delete your Smartcat account

This brief article will guide you on how to go about the process of account deletion, including saving your translation assets beforehand and also ensuring that all outstanding supplier payments have been processed.

To delete your account, simply contact our Support team indicating that you want to delete your account. They will answer you within one business day.

Understanding the account deletion process

There are two reasons why we need you to write to us first.

When you delete your account, you also delete access to your balance record, as well as to your linguistic resources. 

As a result:

  1. You wouldn't be able to gain access to, restore, or download your translation memories or glossaries
  2. Translators that may have not been paid yet wouldn't be compensated

Smartcat must ensure that all your suppliers have been paid before deleting your account in order to ensure fair compensation. This takes minutes, and you rest assured that your suppliers are paid fairly.

Quick steps to speed up account deletion

We ask that you check two things to speed up the account deletion process.

1. Download your glossaries and translation memories 
So you don't lose all the great work you've already done. After all, you own it.

But, of course, you don't have to. It's entirely up to you, but we want to make sure that you make this decision with full awareness so you don't accidentally delete your work.

2. Make sure that you have paid all of your suppliers
We can proceed with your account deletion once there are no outstanding payments due to your suppliers.

Further information on deleting your account

If you have more than one Smartcat account, let us know the correct email address for the one that you'd like to delete.

We are sorry to see you go and if there is anything that can we can do to make your experience with Smartcat better, please do let us know via Smartcat Support. For this or should you have any other queries, please write to your Smartcat support team. They will be happy to help you resolve any Smartcat-related issue.

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