AI translation (Overview)

Automatic (or AI) translation is an integral part of Smartcat. This technology lets us replace the text extracted from your source file with the same text in the target language.

Using various algorithms, patterns, and large databases of existing translations, allows AI translation to quickly produce large quantities of accurately translated texts without any human involvement at all.

Here's what happens when you choose to translate a file automatically:

  • Smartcat extracts the text from your file and splits it up into segments (usually sentences) for quicker processing. 
  • Our highly accurate AI selects the best translation technology (engine) for your translation needs. However, you are always welcome to adjust the settings to your needs.

Smartcat has 8 industry leading translation engines under the hood to guarantee the highest translation quality.

  • Each segment is translated using the selected technology.
  • The segments are assembled back into the text. Smartcat keeps the layout of your files intact, so a translated PDF file, for example, will look the same as your original PDF file in the source language.
  • The translation (translation pack) and all the information about it including the source and target languages, and number of files, segments, and words translated become available to you.

  • You can choose to download, edit, or share the translation or hire professional editors to do the work for you.


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