How to edit translation memories in Smartcat

With Smartcat, you can edit your translation memories (TMs) with ease. This applies both to TMs that you import or create from scratch. In this brief article, we look at how to edit TM file details and the TM's translated content that it stores.

How to edit a translation memory in Smartcat

First of all, let's look at how to edit your TM file details.

Edit TM file details in three steps

Step 1
Go to your Linguistic assets and select the TM that you want to edit from the list.

Step 2
Click Edit and make your changes, such such as translation memory name, project, client, and so forth. 

Step 3
Click Save once you're all done.

And now on to your actual TM content

Edit TM content details in three steps

Step 1
Go to Linguistic assets -> Translation memories -> TM Editor

Step 2
Select the language pair and enter the text that you want to edit (any word or phrase).

Step 3
Click Browse results. Then review the search results and carry out the required changes on the specific content that you want to edit. 

Best practices to follow for successful TM editing

i. To discover the source of each displayed segment, click TM. In the tab that opens, you’ll see information about the TM that the segment belongs to, as well as the previous and following segments. 

ii. You can remove a segment by clicking on the bin icon in this tab.

iii. To edit a segment translation, click on the pencil icon. The, carry out your edit and confirm the segment to save the change.

And that's it! Now you should know how to edit a TM's file details and the translation content that it contains.


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