Access levels

To give rights to a user, you must choose an access level for him. You can create access levels with different access rights. 

Creating an access level

On the Settings tab, choose the Access Levels menu.

Press the Add access level button. In the window that opens, enter the access level name and click Create.


Editing an access level

To define access rights, select an access level in the list, then click Edit.

To click Add Access Right to define which rights this access level will have.

Select a right from the list and click Next.

In the next window, define the scope of this right. For example, if you want to allow this user group to manage glossary content, you can define specific glossaries, glossaries of a particular client or choose certain languages in glossaries.

When done, press Add. The access rights you added will appear in the list.


To remove a right from the access level, click the cross next to the right in the list. To confirm the changes, hit Save.

Deleting an access level

To delete an access level, select it in the list. Click the Delete button and confirm.

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