Adding team members

Smartcat makes it easy to add team members to your account. Remember, we don’t count licenses so feel free to add as many people as you want to the account!

Managing users is done from the Team section in the main menu:


There you will be able to add account users on the My Team page, find new freelancers in our Marketplace, or manage corporate vendors if you decide to work with other LSPs on some projects. Smartcat easily adapts to how you work.


The My Team section is where you will add your team members and “pin” linguists from the Smartcat Marketplace. At the top of the page, click on Invite to My Team, add an email address, and fill out the information required to invite your colleagues and freelancers when the dialogue is displayed:



The Access level dropdown box allows you to choose the different rights that will be assigned to each team member:


It is best to assign the Linguist access level to your freelancers. This will allow them to access all the data that they need for projects assigned while restricting them from downloading any data from your corporate account. Your colleagues can be granted access rights based on their position. The administrator rights should be limited to a few people only. 

Once you have added team members, some icons might appear on their avatars:

mceclip5.png   mceclip6.png

The house icon indicates that this person was added to your account via an email invitation. As we will see in further articles, it is possible to invite marketplace freelancers to your team. The icon with the eye crossed over shows that this person is only visible to other account users and not other Smartcat users. If this icon is not present, this means that the user might be registered in the marketplace already and therefore visible for other accounts.

Once you have added a user, you can edit their profile and add the services that they provide:


This is important as this information will be used during task assignment and also to calculate project costs. Simply click on View Profile or Add Services:


You can add notes to each profile, for example, information about performance in the previous projects or personal information like availability. You also can specify which client your freelancers are working for using labels we created at the previous step. This will allow Smartcat to help automate the assignment process and keep the same team of linguists together to keep the consistency. And you can add personal and contact information.

The most important is to add services. By clicking on the + sign, you will be able to specify what services your freelancers or colleagues can perform:


You can choose from different categories but the main one is Translation services:


Here, simply select source and target languages, services provided — you can select more than one — and the cost for each service — using a different currency if needed. You can also add subjects with which a linguist is proficient. The checkbox Do not calculate the cost of work can be marked if an internal employee is not going to be paid according to Smartcat system calculations. Click Save. You can repeat this process for all the language pairs which your linguist offers.

You can also add freelancers from the Marketplace to your team that you plan on using for future projects. Such freelancers can be distinguished from your internal linguists by the “pin” icon.


It makes task assignment easier and also allows you to even negotiate rates with them. More information is available on our article about finding freelancers on the marketplace.

Once you have added all your teammates, we can proceed with the next step and add linguistic assets.

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