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Smartcat WordPress App is a one more way to manage translation of content for WPML-based websites. 
As opposed to our other WPML integration it allows creating and managing translation requests without leaving your WordPress admin board.

What to do

1. Install and configure the WPML plugin (if not already installed).

2. Install the Smartcat plugin.

3. Open the Smartcat plugin (the Smartcat tab in the left side menu), and log in to your Smartcat account.

Translation process

1. Open the page or the post you want to translate. 
2. In the Smartcat tab select target languages.The source language is set automatically based on the language of the page or post opened. The list of available target languages depend on the languages set up in WPML. If you need to translate to other languages, set up them in WPML first. 
3. Select the translation project to add the translation to. If you don’t select anything a new project will be created automatically.  
4. Set the deadline and add a comment for translators if needed. 
5. Click Send to Smartcat.

After the translation is sent you’ll be able to add languages, track its progress, and switch to the Editor right from the Smartcat tab.

6. To upload the translation back to WordPress click Get from Smartcat

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions let you manage a translation request for several pages at once. Select the target pages from the Pages list, and apply the Translate selected posts action from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu.

Specify needed parameters as described above and click Send to Smartcat.

Translation requests dashboard

You can track created requests in the Translations requests dashboard right in WordPress. Go to Smartcat -> Translation requests section. Here, you will see the list of translation requests you’ve created with statuses and the link to the Smartcat project.

To request translations back, open Actions drop-down menu and click Get translations. If you need to delete the translation request, click the Delete translation request button.


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