Verifika is a QA tool that detects potential errors in a bilingual file or translation memory. Integration is available in the Verifika interface starting from version 3.2 

In the Verifika interface, click Connect to Cloud and select Smartcat:


If this is your first time using Verifika, you will need to connect your account:


The Account ID can be found on the API page under Settings in the main menu:


In order to use Verifika, you will also need to create an API key:



Copy and paste the Account ID and the API key to the Verifika dialog box and the accounts will be linked.


Once you have signed in, Verifika will display a list of ongoing projects and files associated with them. Choose which ones you want to check and click Download.


You will see the files in Verifika:


Once checked, a report window will open to show possible errors:


Once you have made corrections, they will appear in the Pending Changes tab and you will be able to save them to your Smartcat files.


Note: Verifika is only available for accounts located on our European server.



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