Smartcat Translation Manager is an extension designed to help you easily connect your Magento store to Smartcat to make your website content localization simpler and more efficient.

Connecting to Smartcat

First, install the Smartcat Translation Manager extension as you would any other Magento extension.

After installation, select Stores → Configuration from the main menu.

Go to Localization → General → Smartcat Translation Manager. Select the Smartcat server you use, enter your API key, and your Smartcat account ID.

Use for the European server, for the US server, or for the Asian server.

If you don’t have a Smartcat account yet, create one at

In your Smartcat account, select Settings → API from the left menu, copy your Account ID and paste it to Smartcat Translation Manager. Then create an API key, and paste it to Smartcat Translation Manager.

Be sure to save your API key in a secure place.

Configuring Smartcat Translation Manager

Before you can start localizing your content using Smartcat, set up the extension by navigating in your Magento account to Localization → Profiles and clicking New Profile.

Carefully fill in the required fields:

Name. Enter your company’s name.

Translation agency. Select whether you will manage the translation process in-house or through an agency. If you’d like to hire a translation agency, we suggest you contact us at We will help you find a company that matches your needs.

Source language. Select the language in which your content is written originally.

Target languages. Select one or more languages into which you need your content to be translated.

Workflow. Select the stages you require in your translation process.

Smartcat Project ID. By entering a Smartcat Project ID, you will be able to have the content sent into the existing project of your choice.

Excluded attributes. By default, all HTML attributes are sent to Smartcat for translation but you can select exceptions here.

Send all products in one batch. If enabled, the content of all existing products will be sent in a single batch to the same project.

Automatically send new products for translation. If enabled, the content of any newly created products will be automatically sent to Smartcat.

Automatically send each product update for translation. If enabled, the content of any updated product will be automatically sent to Smartcat.

Submitting content for translation and monitoring the process

Now you can translate any content directly from your Magento admin panel.

Select a batch of products you want to translate in Catalog → Products and then click Submit for translation from the Actions drop-down menu.

Great! You’ve just launched a new translation project and sent it to Smartcat.

You can monitor the status of translations in Localization → Dashboard.

Once the translation is completed, the translated content will be automatically sent back to your Magento account.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

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