Smartcat Sharing Tool lets you share translation created by you or located in a workspace owned by you via email or link. To share a translation, act as follows:

1. Go to your Projects and select Share from the dropdown menu of the translation you need.


nter the card of the translation you want to share and select Share from the drop-down menu in the upright corner.*

*Alternatively you can share the translation by clicking on the icon of right from the Translation overview page as shown on the screenshot below.
2. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the document with.
3. Adjust the document permissions (Can view/Can edit) and press Invite.

In case you want to share the translation link, adjust the link permissions accordingly and press Copy link. If you want to change or restrict translation permissions you can change the specific email or link permissions to Can view and Access via link is restricted.

Note, that to share translations you need to be:

A creator of the translation,
An administrator of a workspace where the translation exists,
A manager of a workspace where the translation exists.


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