How to organize your Smartcat workspace

The more complicated your projects get, the bigger and more diverse your team needs to be. We created convenient and safe workspaces and virtual environments where you can share projects, linguistic assets, and other resources with your teammates.

When creating your Smartcat account, we give you the option to request to join an existing workspace in your organisation or create a new one. 

However, you can invite colleagues or contractors, or anyone else, to work with you in Smartcat at any moment. 

You can easily do this by sharing a link as described in this article

Workspace users can:

  • Create, view, and edit translations and projects,
  • Create and manage translation memories and glossaries,
  • Use the Smartwords in the workspace to get machine translations for free
  • Approve, download, and share translations,
  • Find and assign language service providers to do the translations and post-editing,
  • Test the translators and check translation quality manually or via Smartcat.

Workspace administrators can (in addition to the user permissions):

  • View all projects in the workspace and get information about their owners,
  • Manage Smartcat subscription and top up Smartwords for the workspace,
  • Invite new vendors and team members to projects.

Apart from inviting just anyone: a member of your team, a colleague from a different department, a freelancer hired outside Smartcat you can hire vendors from the Smartcat Marketplace and add them to your team to collaborate on the regular basis. 

Benefits of using Smartcat workspaces

  • Safety and security: you can change access permissins at any moment.
  • Transparency and control: the workspace administrator can see all project details including task-by-task progress on one page.
  • Flexibility: you can negotiate with freelancers and set discounted rates for you and your workspace users. 

More on how it works

Workspace overview


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