Extend your balance with Flex Smartwords

Smartwords Flex allows you to continue translation without interruption even after you reach your monthly limit.

Smartcat subscriptions include a fixed number of Smartwords added to your balance each month. With Smartwords Flex you can pre-approve extra packages of Smartwords so your translation projects can be completed on schedule.

When your Smartwords balance runs low, Smartcat will notify you and give you the option to use Smartwords Flex. If you agree, you will be able to continue the translation process and pay later for the additional Smartwords used.

Accessing Flex Smartwords 

Smartwords Flex is available to all users on a paid subscription.

Depending on the type of subscription, one of these Flex options is available to you:

  • Starter - up to 40,000 additional Smartwords in any monthly subscription period,
  • Rise - up to 200,000 additional Smartwords in any monthly subscription period,
  • Unite - up to 500,000 additional Smartwords in any monthly subscription period,
  • Enterprise - Limit determined by your contract.

Smartwords Flex limit

When you reach your Smartwords Flex limit, all you have to do is pay for the Smartwords you’ve used (or make a partial payment) and you can continue translating once again. In other words, your use of Smartwords Flex is unlimited as long as you are within your allocated quota for Smartwords Flex.

Paying for the Smartwords used through Smartwords Flex

You have 2 options for covering the cost of Smartwords Flex:

  • You can choose to pay immediately by clicking on the Pay now for Smartwords used button. Billing and payment will be performed in the same manner as your regular monthly subscription payment.
  • You can choose NOT to pay immediately for the extra Smartwords used as part of Smartwords Flex. In this scenario the number of Smartwords used will be deducted from your available balance in the following period.


Your organization is on a Rise subscription, so you get 200,000 Smartwords each month. You have a busy month and end up using 220,000 Smartwords which means 20,000 extra words. If you choose to use Smartwords Flex, your Smartwords account will show a negative 20,000 Smartwords balance, and you’ll receive a prompt to either pay now, or wait for your quota to reset.

If you choose Pay now your organization’s account will be billed for the 20,000 Smartwords at the rate shown in the message (varies based on your subscription level).

If you choose to not pay immediately for the 20,000 Smartwords, this amount will be deducted from your available Smartwords balance in the following month. So when your Smartwords balance is updated, you will see an available balance of 180,000 Smartwords instead of the usual 200,000.


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