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The more complicated your projects get, the stronger and more flexible your team needs to be, and Smartcat can help you with that. 

There’re two ways you can add teammates to your account for free:

A) When creating your Smartcat account you have the option to invite your teammates via email.

B) You can invite colleagues or contractors, or anyone else, to work with you in Smartcat at any moment. This is done either via an email or by sharing a link.

1. Click on the Team tab on the homepage. 

2. Click the Share button in the left-hand menu. Choose to invite collaborators via email or link.

3. Choose your team members' roles.

4. In case you’re using a link the link will be generated automatically. Send this link to anyone you want to add to your workspace. 

In case you’re using email, an invitation will be sent to all the addresses you enter.

After accepting the invitation your teammates (depending on the assigned roles)  will be able to:

  • view and work with projects and documents
  • add new projects and manage the projects within the account
  • work directly TMs and glossaries (add and edit terms, or import or export them)
  • create new user groups, manage paid services and vendors

Alternatively you can use the shorcut on the homepage and make all the above described steps. 

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