Creating new project (Overview)

Here, we provide you with a brief description of how to create a project. 

  1. Click Create a project on your account's homepage.

2. Fill in the project data, e.g. name, source and target languages, deadline, etc.

3. Select the workflow.  You can choose between fully human translation performed by your team or translators from the Smartcat Marketplace, a combination of Smartcat AI translation and human editing, human translation and editing, or both of these plus proofreading. 

You can create your own flow and save it as a tamplate by clicking Add custom template. Click Create translation when done.

4. You'll be redirected to the project's Overview page where you can adjust the Pretranslation rules for this and other project and assign the Linguistic assets (machine translation engines, Glossaries and Translation memories)  to be used. Adjust the settings as your project requires. From this page you can also assign taks for your team memebrs working on this project, order an LQA test, and more. 

5. Press Upload files. Drag the files that you want to translate onto the screen (or press Select to locate the files on your computer).

If you have a translation memory or reference files, you can add them along with the files for translation.

6. Adjust the text parsing setting in the right menu. You can select to download hidden text, comments, interactive forms, and emoji for translation or not to parse your text at all. 

You can also save the parsing settings as default for all your future projects. 

7. Click Finish.







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